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Wielkie Morawy. Great Moravia

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A4 size, 400 pages, full color, art paper, paperback. The bilingual album, Wielkie Morawy.

Great Moravia was published in collaboration with the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State in Gniezno (Muzeum Początków Państwa Polskiego w Gnieźnie).

Exactly 400 pages, photos, drawings and text, including e.g. 100-page catalogue from the exhibition of the same title, presenting photos of beautiful jewelry, militaria, tools and everyday objects produced by this remarkable cultural reality that was the 9th-century Great Moravia.

An additional supplement are highly interesting texts by Czech and Slovak scholars in Polish and English.

List of articles:

The origins of Slavic settlement in Moravia – Dagmar Jelínková
The Slavs and the Avar Khaganate – Jozef Zábojník
Archaic Slavic religion – Michal Téra
Rex, principes, optimates – the elites of Great Moravia – Ludĕk Galuška
Jewellery and jewellery making in Great Moravia – Ludĕk Galuška
Warfare in Great Moravia – Alexander T. Ruttkay
Contacts between the tribes in the basin of the Vistula and Oder and Great Moravia – Jacek Poleski
Christianity and Bysantine mission – Vladimir Vavřinek
Culture and learning – Vladimir Vavřinek
Great Moravian Religious Architeture – Lumír Poláček
The Final Years and Downfall of Great Moravia – Pavel Kouřil
Mikulčice - Lumír Poláček
Staré Město- Uherské Hradištĕ. Fortified suburban settlement agglomeration - Ludĕk Galuška
Archaeological knowledge of Pohansko near Břeclav – Jiři Macháček
Nitra – Peter Bednár / Matej Ruttkay